The MCLC TechTalk Committee seeks to attract and educate library administrators and staff who are interested in learning how library users are using technology to meet their information, recreation, and education needs and how libraries provide services using technology.


  1. To raise awareness among librarians of the impact of technology on the library world.
  2. To offer networking opportunities to librarians who are interested in sharing their knowledge on technology topics and in brainstorming for possible, meaningful and collaborative projects.

Social Tech Talk


One Response to “About”

  1. I attended my first MCLC Tech Talk 3/25/08 and want to thank and commend all the presenters. My colleague, Janene Wandersee and I are now starting to use Google Docs for the first time collaboratively to share our notes with the rest of the staff at Health Sciences Library at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center.

    Suggestion: Having been involved in another library interest group years ago, I remember the challenges of a small group. Since there was already discussion of not having a meeting in I believe June, maybe you want to consider meetings every other month. It might be easier to find topics and prepare for 6 rather than 12 meetings a year.

    Thank you for expanding my horizons.

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