New Amazon Tap and Steam Link

Earlier this year Vinny posted that the Amazon Echo was the one connected device you should own and that he and his wife like theirs. Late last month Amazon released the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot. Unlike the Echo, the Amazon Tap is portable because it runs on batteries and is smaller in size. It isn’t “always on” though. You have to press the microphone button on top of the device and then ask Alexa a question or give it a command. You do program it through the app like you do the Echo. It has access to the same apps on your smartphone and tablet that the Echo does.  Some reviewers have said that the sound quality isn’t as good but I like the sound quality. It comes with a charging cradle to charge it.If you do take it outside the home you have to have wifi, mobile hotspot, or use your cell phone data plan to use Alexa on it. You can use it as a bluetooth speaker without Alexa as well if you are away from internet access. The cost is $129.99. You can also purchase a sling for it for $19.99 which makes it easier to carry.That can’t be on the Tap when you charge it though.  The Echo Dot is the smallest and the cheapest in the family at $89.99. It works best with another bluetooth speaker or another device in the Echo family. It also has the same limitations as the Amazon Tap.

Last year Vinny also posted about the gaming PC that he built. What if you have a gaming PC with Steam on it but you want to play games on your TV in a different room? Last November Steam came out with the Steam Link. You attach it to your TV and connect it to your wifi network. Then it finds your computer with Steam installed on it that is on the same wifi network and shows you your installed games on your TV. You can then start playing on your TV.  They also came out with the Steam Controller last November. You can use it to play Steam Games on your PC or on your Steam link. Both retail for $49.99.


~ by cathyc on April 24, 2016.