The Nintendo Entertainment Center Turns 30.

Happy Birthday NESHappy 30th birthday to the system that brought video games back from the abyss. Three decades ago video game systems would be synonymous with Nintendo. Growing up, I had an Atari 2600, played on my friends’ Intellivision and Collecovision, and wanted a Vectrex. All that changed when the bargain bins began filling up with unsold Atari carts and a certain extraterrestrial landed in New Mexico. The fad of video games were over, at least at home; arcades were still alive and well. Then one Christmas my brother and I received the Nintendo Power Pack. That was the bundle that came with the console, the power pad, (basically a large mat with micro-switches in it), and three games: Mario Bros, Duck Hunt and Track & Field. Sadly I left the NES with my brother never to see it again, but as the Universe has a way of smiling on us every now and then my wife still had her’s and it sits proudly on our shelf of video game systems. So, in lieu of a cake and candles how about if everyone just add to the comments the first game they remember playing on an NES. It’s what Mario would have wanted.


~ by Vinny Alascia on October 19, 2015.