Say you want to try different flavors of Linux, or Windows 10 preview but you don’t want to install it directly on your computer. One of the solutions is virtualbox. You can install virtualbox on to your machine and then download the image of what ever operating system you want to try. Then you go through installing the operating system on virtualbox. Once the operating system is installed on virtualbox you can use it and play around with it. A big advantage to virtualbox is that you can play with  an operating system in virtualbox and still have access to your computer’s operating system at the same time. You also don’t have to reboot your computer when you are done like you would if you had two operating systems installed in a dual boot on your computer. I am typing this post right now using Windows 10 that I have installed in virtualbox on my desktop computer that runs on Windows 8.1. I also have several different versions on Linux on it including SteamOS installed on virtualbox as well.

You can download virtualbox from You can install it to a computer that runs Windows, Linus, or Mac.

You can find out how to install an operating system on virtualbox by going to

You can get some advanced uses of it from

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