Pinterest In Your Library

Have you heard of Pinterest? I hope so because describing is a little harder if you do not have a frame of reference. Pinterest is a type of social network where users share items of interest that they find on the internet. This sharing is done by Pinning an image to a board on their account. The image usually then links to the website from which it comes or to information about the pin. The State Library of Arizona is on pinterest. So is The South Dakota State Library. As well as the New York Public Library.

Is Pinterest right for your library? Perhaps. If your collections contains items of visual interest or otherwise do not fit in with your blog or Facebook presence then Pinterest may serve you well. Here is a link to an interesting article of how libraries are using Pinterest. As with any social media, your mileage may vary and check to make sure it fits in with your overall social media and web strategy.


~ by Vinny Alascia on September 9, 2014.