How to Find Cheap eBooks

I read a lot of eBooks. Since I do not get them from the library, (that is a whole other article), I need a source for cheap eBooks. Much has been made of the ongoing fight between publishers and sellers over the proper price for eBooks. Opinions vary, but I can say I need a whole lot of persuasion to pay $10 for any eBook. Luckily eBook bargains are out there, if you know where to look.

Your biggest asset on this quest is your email inbox. How would like daily eBook deals sent right to you?. There are three must have services for the digital reader. The first one is Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deal. Not to be outdone by their competition, Barnes and Noble offers the Nook Daily Find.  Both of these subscriptions will send you a daily email highlighting a title for as low as $1.99. The last one I want to mention is a web service, Bookbub will send you an email a day of your eBook bargains. Once signed up you can customize your emails to show just the genres you are interested in. By using all three of these services I find myself never lacking for something to read.


~ by Vinny Alascia on August 26, 2014.