Talking Tech Friday – Comixology

Screenshot_2014-08-15-08-45-25Smartphone and tablet owners when asked about e-reader apps think Nook or Kindle. Comic books and Manga have reader apps as well. My current choice is Comixology. The app and connected web store gives you access to over 100 publishers’ digital comics and manga including both Marvel and DC. The app works beautifully on a tablet. The larger screen sixe lets you read whole pages at a time without needing a magnifying glass. You can buy individual comics, whole series and bundles, or sample free issues. Comic book creators can also submit their works right to Comixology. Even if you are just curious the app is worth a download. You can explore some of the free comics available, but be warned, you just may get hooked on comic books all over again.


~ by Vinny Alascia on August 15, 2014.