My First Week With a PS4

ps4 photoA week ago my wife and I added a Sony PS4 to our collection of video game consoles. Originally we were planning on getting the Xbox One but Microsoft has so mangled their plans for the console that I doubt it will enjoy the same success as the Xbox 360. We also managed to snag a great deal at Target. The PS4, as the name suggests, is Sony’s fourth PlayStation video game console. I have owned all previous consoles and still own the PS2.

Aesthetically, the console is a step up from the oval monstrosity that was the original PS3. It looks right at home on the shelf above my PS2. In an interesting twist, the main processor of the PS4 is built around a custom AMD processor that combines the CPU and GPU into one unit. This structure puts it more in line with PC innards than previous game consoles. Suffice to say spec wise this is a gaming powerhouse. Setting up and using the PS4 is also improved over the previous one. The dashboard is easier to use and seems to me a little bit faster. One feature I am really having too much fun with is the ability to record and share videos or screenshots of the games I play with Twitter and Facebook. The interface is a little bit clunky but it gets the job done. The new versions of Sony’s trusted controller, the Dual Shock, is more evolutionary than revolutionary but it does sport a touch pad and more comfortable analog sticks. However it suffers from weaker battery life. I found that turning down the brightness of the LED light in front of the controller helps extend the battery’s charge. I can go a few days between charges. Since the controller can charge while the PS4 is in standby mode having to move close to the TV to plug in is kept to a minimum.

For me, the deciding factor when buying a new console is the game or games. There has to be at least one must have title to justify the purchase. It took a while but the PS4 did get one such title, Supergiant Games’ Transistor. I also picked up the action title Knack and have been having fun with both titles. I am also looking forward to the roll out of Sony’s game streaming service, PlayStation Now. Like any new console the list of coming games are varied and impressive. While our PS3 sat idle while most of my and my wife’s gaming time was spent on the XBox 360 I am excited for what is coming to the PS4. While still pricey at $399, deals can be had, such as our deal using Target’s Cartwheel App and other discounts managed to get $100 off that price. Overall I am impressed with the PS4 and look forward to many hours with it.


~ by Vinny Alascia on July 25, 2014.