Is the End of Google Reader the End of RSS

Google Reader RIPLast week Google announced that Google Reader would reach end of life status as of July 1. The internet responded with it’s usual bombast, hand wringing and general spectacle. Tech sites were quick to point out that usage of Reader has largely fallen away and new social media such as Twitter do a better job anyway and have quickly posted lists of viable alternatives to Google Reader, (Life Hacker, C|net, PCWorld, ExtremeTech to name a few). Myself, I have moved on to Feedly. I like the interface and the mobile apps look good on both my phone and tablet. The biggest plus had to be the transition was as simple as simple could be. I have used Pulse and currently Flipboard (two other often mentioned alternatives). These apps are very attractive and cover most of the news feeds you would be looking for. Still, I find them a little distracting to use on a day to day basis.

All this talk about alternatives does bring up one question. Does anyone still use RSS? Obviously the writers for many of the websites mentioned above do, but what about everyone else? Twitter has been named as the most logical replacement for what RSS provided. Certainly the community of Twitterers, (is that a real world), come very close to this application of the technology. Rather than going away has RSS simply grown up and moved onto a more social version of itself? If the goal is to have news and interesting websites pushed to you Twitter certainly can do that, but what about the articles? I liked the summary feature in RSS that let me read the first few lines or in some cases all of the article. You are not going to do that in 140 characters. You sometimes cannot even get the URL to fit in 140 characters. So to reiterate I will not be using Twitter as my Reader / RSS alternative. So where does that leave RSS technology, on the back page of our web history book or still in a very viable table of contents? At this point I really do not know. What do you think?

~ by Vinny Alascia on March 20, 2013.

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  1. They’ll take my rss from me when they pry it from my cold, dead hands! I’ve gone to Feedly as well, although I did have to install chrome on my desktop to do so. The Android app is great.

    I think the summarization is what really makes a newsreader better than twitter for this sort of thing.

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