Introducing the Nintendo Wii U

The past week Nintendo, makers of the DS and Wii, has released a new console. Their name for it is the Wii U and you may have seen some of the commercials already. In terms of video games we are now entering a transition period from the current generation to the next. Nintendo headed off the competition by being the first out with new hardware.

The Wii U represents a lot of firsts for Nintendo and a few for video games in general. It is the first Nintendo console to use HD graphics, the first to feature non-gaming applications and the first with social networking built in. Then there is the tablet controller. Imagine a video game system where the TV is optional. The controller brings a whole host of new options to video game developers. While still in it’s infancy the potential is immense.

You can read more about it in thus review from

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~ by Vinny Alascia on November 27, 2012.