Apple Emerges Victorious From Court

You didn’t have to delve too far into the Internet last weekend to come across the big news in gadgetdom. The jury in the Apple v. Samsung trial handed down a verdict in Apple’s favor. I for one had little doubt in this eventual outcome. Nor would I argue that Samsung is completely innocent. I think what is at root here is the nature of innovation and evolution. If you think about it, had Homo Erectus patented walking on two legs, you and I would be forced to crawl around.

What remains to be seen is what Apple does with this judgement. Obviously collecting a fat check is at the top of that list as it should be. That is the “just rewards” of being an innovator. You should profit from your innovations. The dark side of this victory comes when and if Apple decides to use this judgement to limit consumers’ choices by banning Samsung products. (Oops spoke to soon on that one.)

The fallout is where we get to debate the future. Innovation is dead. Apple owns all Smartphones. The Microsoft Windows Phone is looking pretty sweet now. Here is what the editors over at Engadget thought about the verdict. Now the rest of you. Add your comments below.

~ by Vinny Alascia on August 28, 2012.