My Thoughts on the New iPad

The New iPadAfter all the big news yesterday I thought I would offer a few of my thoughts on the iPad HD. Mind you I am writing this post on my Toshiba Android tablet so that may color this a little bit. As I wrote in an earlier post about why I chose my tablet I used an iPad for about a year before buying a tablet. Two things that kept me from getting an iPad were the cost and the lack of connectivity with my phone. That being said, I do think the new iPad is a neat piece of hardware, but I get the feeling that we have been down this road before. It definetely feels like we are trading power for innovation. Perhaps that is the new innovation. How much power can we squeeze out of half an inch of metal and glass? Is if fair to expect more than that? From the video and images I saw that new display is a jaw dropper. Still it seems like the this new iPad is just enough to jump ahead of the current pack without answering just what do I do with a tablet.

Those who have answered that question, probably by buying an earlier iPad or other tablet, already know what to do with a tablet. The new iPad will do it faster and clearer than anything else. It will also take a good picture for once. Sporting a camera that at least rivals smart phones you may find your way to your inner Mapplethorpe. At the very least all your craft pictures will look that much better on etsy. You will also load those pictures even faster with 4G speed. Though with all the talk surrounding data caps and overage fees I don’t know too many people who would spend the money on the 4G version. For the ones who do, I can see all that mobile data becoming quite the liability.

Maybe the next innovation will come from Apple’s competitors in their attempts to catch up to the iPad. This article in Wired explains the current situation with the tablet market, or the lack of one, depending on your take and is worth a look. I am certain you will be hearing more about the latest and greatest from Cupertino. I am curious to hear what you think in the comments, escially anyone who will grab one in a couple of weeks.

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~ by Vinny Alascia on March 7, 2012.

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  1. Good info! My laptop died last week and I seriously considered an iPad as a new option/quick fix. I didn’t think it meat my serious long-term needs. Fun though!

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