Music on the Go

More and more people are giving up cds and listing to music on their computer, tablet, smartphone, portable music player, smart tv and blueray dvd player, gaming console, car, etc. There are different websites and apps that let you listen to music on these devices. These services also suggest music for you based on the artists you tell them are your favorite. They also have music channels that have different themes. For example, during the holidays, they have a channel with holiday music. If you find a song that you like that is new to you they give you a chance to purchase the song from online music stores.


Launched in 2000. It has an ad supported free version. It is $36 a year for ad free listening. Free Pandora accounts permit 6 skips per hour per station, for up to 12 total skips per day across all stations. Upgrading to Pandora One will remove the daily skip limit (although the 6 skips per hour per station limit will remain in place). You can listen for free on the web and apps in smartphones, tablets, blueray dvd players, roku, etc.

Launched in 2002. It has an ad supported free version. It has a $3.00 per month subscription service. What you get with a subscription: Uninterrupted radio listening,  Play radio on your mobile app,  Play radio on supported hardware platforms, Ad-free browsing and streaming, Recent visitors to your profile, A prestigious black icon, Access to their VIP zone with more charts, graphs and the latest from the Labs. Apps for android phones, iPhone, ipod, etc. are available to free and paid accounts.


Launched in 2008 but just became available in the U.S. this year. It has an ad supported free version that you can listen to through their computer software which limits you to 10 hours a month. It is $4.99 a month for an ad free version. To use their apps you need a premium account which is $9.99 a month.


Launched in 2010. To listen on the web it is $4.99. To listen on the web or via smartphone or sonos or roku ap it is $9.99 a month.


Launched in 2007. There is a free version of Grooveshark. Grooveshark Plus costs $6 a month or $60 for a year subscription, which averages to $5 a month. Grooveshark Anywhere costs $9 a month and $90 for a year subscription, which averages to $7.50 a month. Benefits include: No advertisements on Grooveshark and affiliated sites, Customizable features, such as access to a wider variety of site skins, Access to the Grooveshark Desktop Application, Priority e-mail support from our friendly community support team,Sneak Peaks of our latest developments on Grooveshark Preview, Unlimited space in your library and favorites lists, Scrobbling. Grooveshark Anywhere subscribers also get unlimited access to their mobile application, which allows you to take your library and playlists with you on-the-go.

Librarian in Black’s blog post on Spotify Vs Rdio.

Ever get a song in your head or hear a song in a store or on the radio that you do not know the title or artist? The SoundHound and Shazam apps  for your smartphone will let you hum a few bars of the song or hear the song on the radio or in the store and tell you the name of the song and artist.

Lifehacker’s article on Shazam Vs. SoundHound.

After you find a song somehow you can purchase it online. The iTunes Store and are two places where you can purchase songs online. With iTunes you have to use their software to purchase a song. The songs will only transfer to an Apple mobile device. If you purchase a song from it will download either into iTunes or Windows Media Player and then can be transfered to a MP3 player or an Apple mobile device.


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