Mobile is changing us

Last night I made an interesting computer error. I was finishing a call over Skype via my laptop and I reached up to the screen and touched the Hang Up button. Now, I am not new at this. I know perfectly well that my laptop does not have a touch screen. I didn’t make the mistake because I didn’t know any better. I made it because it was intuitive for me to do so. As I have spent more and more time using my iPhone and iPad I have not only adapted to interacting via touch.  I have come to expect it.

A recent study of smartphone users shows that they prefer to use apps on their phones over using the web on their phone to do the same tasks. ( This isn’t really surprising, since the apps are designed specially for the mobile platform and therefore are easier to use than their web counterparts designed for computer browsers.  What is the future of the web as mobile use increases and apps become more and more widely used?

I have also noticed a lot of people falling through the gap as these mobile technologies continue to evolve.  I know many people that have not made the jump to getting a smartphone because “I still haven’t figured out the phone I have.”  I can sympathize.  I never figured out how to use my Motorola SLVR.

At tomorrow’s MCLC Tech Talk “There’s an App for That! Mobile Gadget Show & Tell” we will bring together some popular mobile gadgets.  If you make it to the event, take advantage of the opportunity to get your hands on some of these gadgets.  If you still aren’t sure what an app is and why you might want to put one one your phone, this program should be enlightening.

As you experiment with and learn about mobile technologies don’t just think about which one makes a better holiday gift.  Think about how these gadgets are changing the way we communicate and interact with information.

~ by Christine on December 15, 2010.

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  1. While there are still things I prefer to do on my computer than my phone, I definitely know what you mean about how using our mobile devices changes us. I expect to have all the information I need with me always, and am increasingly migrating my content to synced cloud storage to make sure it’s there.

    Similarly, the Cybook Orizon ebook reader is just out – it has a multi-touch screen AND e-paper…mmmm!

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