Doing it Like Amazon

The Phoenix Public Library unveiled their new and improved web site this week and personally I think they did a great job. It looks like a great deal of intelligent thought went into the architecture and content. I hope we will hear how it works out for both staff and customers at a future Tech Talk meeting.

The navigation reminds me a bit of another well known site called Amazon. That, in turn, reminded me of a wonderful talk given by Jared Spool, founder of User Interface Engineering. If you have ever said, or heard someone else say “we should do it like Amazon” his presentation “Revealing Design Treasures from The Amazon.” will provide some valuable information on what they do, how they do it and why it works. The presentation is a little over a year old, but I don’t remember seeing it mentioned much in library circles and the content is still very relevant. It is over 50 minutes, but Jared’s comic style makes it seem to go by much faster.

My favorite quote: “Risk adverse organizations produce crap.”


~ by Christine on September 8, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link to Revealing Design Treasures From Amazon. Lot’s of interesting information about what has worked and what hasn’t. The Gold Box is a great example of creative thinking in the area of building sales, but they found it didn’t work. They were not afraid to try it though. I also found fascintating the different behavior of customer reviewers at Amazon vs, and the anti-DRM campaign by users in the “defective by design” tagging.

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