AzLA Call for Proposals!

AzLA is now accepting proposals for the 2010 Annual Conference!  This year’s theme is “Click it Forward”: “Playing on the popular novel and movie title of a similar name, this theme highlights the ways in which Arizona libraries and library staff contribute to the profession, community, and to the world through innovations in technology, programming, services and a myriad of other ways that enhance the world in which we live.”

Preconference and Conference proposals are due by April 16th, Roundtables and Posters are due by May 15th.

If you want to present, but aren’t sure about a topic, check out the discussion on Ideascale where you can suggest a program you’d like to see, or vote on the suggestions of others.

Or, if you’d like to see a Tech Talk sponsored program, leave a comment here!


~ by Anali on March 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “AzLA Call for Proposals!”

  1. Ego-boosting response:

    I put in a proposal about my March presentation (if it goes over well) Of course I forgot to tell them I have a presentation prepared!

    • Hi Anne,

      That’s great! However, did you submit your proposal on the AZLA site as well as Ideascale? The Ideascale is not the official proposal submission form, merely an avenue for discussing and disseminating ideas for programs.


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