Talking Tech Friday – AZLA Program suggestions

Hi Tech Talkers!

I apologize, but I don’t have time for a regular Talking Tech Column today.  However, I like to keep our little conversations going, so today I’m going to ask you a favor:

Part of the reason I’m a little frazzled today is that I’m the AZLA Conference Planning Co-Chair.  We had a meeting this morning to talk about this year’s conference, and we really want to make sure that we have a great program for everyone.  Additionally, MCLC TechTalk has plans to prepare/sponsor a presentation for the conference.  The call for presentations submissions will be coming up soon, so what I really want you all to do is take 30 seconds of your time and leave a comment with a topic you’d LOVE to see at the conference – whether it be Tech Talk related or not.

Normally you guys don’t comment that much, but if you read this blog you know that I put in a couple of hours each week to write these columns for you.  So I’m begging you to leave just one itty-bitty comment this time.

Thanks to all of you, and I’ll be back with your regularly scheduled Talking Tech column next week!



~ by Anali on February 5, 2010.

4 Responses to “Talking Tech Friday – AZLA Program suggestions”

  1. I am interested in hearing as well. One of the charges of Tech Talk is presenting technology to the staff, ot do that effectively it is good to know what technology interests and or affects you and your work.

  2. Not a suggestion, but had to let you know that I recently started using the “hipster pda” you told us about at last year’s conference to complement my Reqall to-do list and so far I really like it! I even turned a co-worker onto the idea. 🙂

  3. I’d like to see a panel of webmasters talking about their visions and accomplishments of their library web site. Maybe they can also share the kind of skills they have or the tools they use. It will be interesting to have the usability guy there to moderate the panel if we can find a few brave webmasters.

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