Talking Tech Friday – January roundup

January was a great month for new technologies, with the Consumer Electronic Show at the beginning of the month, and the big iPad announcement from Apple this week.  I thought it might be nice to rustle up some of the most important announcements for you.

CES 2010:

And some of the gadgets and tech I particularly like:

  • Blio E-Reader: this is a free e-reader software for your computer.  It preserves the original book’s layout, font and graphics in full color.  While the software is free, you’ll purchase content (books, magazines, etc) from the Blio Online Bookstore.  Stated book formats so far include PDF and epub.  Gizmodo’s Review. Wired’s Review. PC World. Hands on video of Blio at Engadget.
  • QUE E-Reader: this is the e-reader from Plastic Logic I mentioned back last February in my Ebooks & Readers presentation at the Tech Talk meeting.  This thing is pretty slick.  Content for the Que will be supplied by Barnes & Noble (via CNET).  Wired’s Review. CNET’s coverage (with video). IEEE Spectrum’s Review.
  • HP Slate: A PC tablet computer hoping to take on the iPad, with both Windows 7 and Android versionsEngaget’s Review (with video), PC World’s take.  Here are some comparisons: Gizmodo, Electronista.
  • Dell Streak:  Kind of a mix between a phone and a tablet – they’re calling it a media tablet. This 5-inch will run on Android, have a touch screen, and a few other details.  There isn’t a lot of press about this at the moment (other than possible models showing up on the black market), but it’s still something to keep an eye out for this year.
  • enTOURage eDGe: Another new e-reader, this one has an interesting dual-screen – one is the conventional e-ink a la the Sony Reader and the Kindle, the other is a full color touch screen.  Additionally, the touch screen portion has netbook functionality, running on the Android operating system. This is a really interesting device, combining the best of e-reader functionality (e-ink) as well as a sort of tablet-like computer. Looks like it’s starting out at $490, next month, which positions it right with the iPad (this is going to get interesting). CNET Hands On review (with video).  Engadget. ElectronistaLapTop Mag (with video).

The iPad: Apple’s new $499 tablet computer, this will run on the same operating system as the iPod Touch and iPhone.  This has some pros and cons (see Lifehacker), but this device has a lot of people drooling.  The iPad will be useful with a keyboard dock, will have access to all the apps (including the Kindle App, causing many people to wonder if it will be a Kindle-killer) from the Apple App Store, plus new apps customized for the iPad.  Again, this is something to watch this year once people actually start using it.  Gizmodo. Engadget (with video). CNET’s review. TechCrunch on iPad vs. Kindle

All in all, 2010 is going to be a very interesting year for e-books, readers, and the whole market.  What are your thoughts?


~ by Anali on January 29, 2010.