Talking Tech Friday 2009 roundup

As the end of Talking Tech Friday’s second year approaches, I thought I’d dedicate my last post of 2009 to my favorites of the sites I reviewed this past year.

I reviewed Mint, which I still think is a great budgeting and financial tool.

Wolfram|Alpha debuted this past year, and I still think it’s pretty nifty.

One of my absolute favorite sites I discovered this year is Dropbox – it’s made my life so much easier, I just love it!

I think one of my best posts this year was Anali’s Apps, where I describe all the tools I use on a regular basis.  I’m still pretty happy with it and hope you all found it useful.

Obviously, our experimentation with Wimba has been pretty fun and successful – hopefully we can start having more virtual meetings to make it easier for folks to join us!

I tried out Reqall for a few weeks and decided it didn’t work for me, but I’m so glad I reviewed it because it really helped out someone else!  It really makes all this blogging worthwhile when I hear about someone finding a great tool that works for them because of my review!

Maybe this is just because I just reviewed them, but I’m still pretty enamored with Springpad and Google Wave – I think they’re both going to prove very useful in the future.

What were your favorite tools this year?

If you want some fun reading about all the end of year and end of decade roundups, check out the Noughtie List on, where they’re taking on the ambitious task of collecting all the “best of” lists for the last decade.

Talking Tech Friday is on holiday until January 8th, so Happy Holidays to you all!

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