Talking Tech Friday – Springpad

I’m preparing for my AzLA Annual Conference preconference presentation on productivity tips and tools, so you’re going to benefit from my research.  Today I give you Springpad!

What is it?

Springpad is a personal organizer service that stores tasks, web notes and clips, events, recipes, restaurants – pretty much anything you want to track.    You can organize your content by using premade “Apps” or templates, such as a notebook, date night planner, or shopping list.  Apps are searchable and also organized by broad category.  The user interface is very clean and intuitive.

How does it work?

The first thing I like about Springpad is you can log in using either a Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter account.  I love not having to register yet another username and password for a new service!

They have a useful tour and help page, which is a good place to start if you aren’t comfortable just jumping in to experiment.

It’s really easy to browse around and pick apps to suit your needs, and you just click to add them to your page.  For example, say I want to track a project.  I choose the Project Notes app and add it to my page.  I can change the title to the name of my project, I can set up events in a calendar (such as project milestones or deadlines), I can link notes or files to the project, and I can set up a list of tasks or link a contact.  You can set up email or SMS reminders using tasks or events.  The app lets you group all that stuff in one place, which I find really useful.

You can also just make more free form notes, or set up task lists, etc.  There’s a browser bookmarklet that lets you save snippets from webpages, so it’s easy to capture things like recipes, etc.

Springpad also works with several other services, including Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, and Yelp, to sync and add content.

Finally, there’s a social aspect.  You can share items with friends or make them public.  This could be very useful for collaborating on a project with colleagues, coordinating a grocery list with your family, or planning an event with your friends.

Importantly for nerds like me, there is also a mobile version of Springpad, so you can access your stuff wherever you are.

Possible Library Uses

Springpad looks to be a strong competitor with Evernote, which I have been using with great joy.  However, some of the apps are very tempting to me – I’ll have to spend a little time with it and see if it fits into my workflow.  Like Evernote, it can really help your productivity, which is good for all libraries!  Some of the apps, especially the project planner, could really be useful!


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