Talking Tech Friday – Recipes

I apologize for Talk Tech Friday’s absence last week – I had a brutal cold and was unable to sit at the computer.

The season of excellent food opens next week with Thanksgiving, so I thought I would dedicate today’s Talking Tech column to recipe sites!

  • First off, we’ve already reviewed Project Foodie before, but it’s worth mentioning again.  This site links to recipes in newspapers, magazines, cookbooks, and TV.  Additionally, the blog gives some great cooking tips and suggestions (I think I’m going to have to try this pumpkin gingerbread), and you can save all your own favorites in a personal recipe box.
  • Epicurious is one of my first favorites, and I have just discovered they also have an iphone app! (See, I always learn something new while writing these columns!)  This site indexes tons of recipes, and Bon Appetit and Gourmet are site partners.  You can also browse recipes and menus by holiday or genre (dessert, drink, etc).  There are lots of articles and how-to videos, as well as personalized options such as inputting your own recipes, saving recipes, uploading videos and participating in discussion groups.  Along with the mobile applications, there is also a useful dictionary, as well as premade, printable shopping lists for your selected recipes.
  • Recipe4All is a new discovery for me.  It’s not fancy, it simply searches for recipes.  Some nice features include a glossary and recipes grouped by countries around the world.  The interface can be a little counterintuitive, however, and the placement of Google ads is very jarring (I know the sites above have tons of ads, but here some of the ads are tucked into the middle of search results, etc.  Very distracting, and easy to accidentally click on one).
  • Cooking for Engineers is another no-frills website, but I think it’s very useful to both beginning cooks as well as those who like to know the method behind a recipe.  What it lacks for in sheer number or variety of recipes it makes up in step-by-step details and explanations for each dish.  Additionally, the author writes up experiments (such as different methods of cooking bacon) and kitchen gear reviews.  I like this site because I feel it helps me learn more about cooking, not just following recipes.
  • A good friend recommended Cookbooker, a pretty new arrival on the foodie scene (it was also recently mentioned by Tim of Library Thing, so has a certain library cachet).  Cookbooker allows you to catalog, rate and review recipes from your cookbooks, as well as search the recipes and reviews by other members.  Like Library Thing, its usefulness will improve as more people join the community.  I think it definitely has potential.
  • The Science of Cooking is a bit more kid-oriented, but gives some great information about cooking!

What are your favorite cooking or recipe sites?  Let’s see them in the comments!

There will not be a Talking Tech column next week, but I heartily wish a Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


~ by Anali on November 20, 2009.

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  1. supercook is a pretty neat recipe site. You enter in ingredients as tags, and it pulls up recipes that match the ingredients entered!

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