Talking Tech Friday – Google Dashboard

Roseline suggested that I post about Google Dashboard – your suggestions are my command! (Seriously, send me suggestions!).

Yesterday, Google announced the launch of Google Dashboard, which is a single place for you to go and marvel at how much of your life is involved with Google.  At least, I marvel.  The Dashboard lists all of the Google-owned products linked to your username and password, gives some data about each, and provides links to each account, as well as direct links to your personal settings.

You can also access the Dashboard under the “My Account” link whenever you sign into any Google service.

Google, being the fun-loving company that they are, gives a brief introduction to the Dashboard in this video:

I actually appreciate this service – as I said, I use a lot of Google services.  Here’s my list:

  • Blogger
  • Calendar
  • Contacts (really part of Gmail)
  • Docs
  • Gmail
  • IGoogle (I don’t really use this, I just tried it out. My heart belongs to Netvibes)
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Reader
  • Talk
  • Tasks (also, just tried it)
  • +6 additional products that are not yet supported by the Dashboard.  Most of these I just check out to see if they are cool enough for me to use, and none of them are in regular use – some I’ve completely forgotten about.

The Dashboard tells me all sorts of clever things about my use of these services – I can tell at a glance which of my information is public, I can quickly link to the account settings (for example, I notice something is public that I’d prefer to be private), and there are also links to the appropriate privacy policies and help pages.  Overall, I think this is pretty useful.

Possible Library Uses

I think that if you are using Google for any of your library functions the Dashboard is a really great tool – you can monitor activity and privacy settings for all of your library accounts on Google at a glance.  And, like me, you may have services that you’ve forgotten all about.




~ by Anali on November 6, 2009.