Talking Tech Friday – Prezi

I know it’s been many weeks since I made a traditional Talking Tech Friday post, so today you’re in for a treat!  We’re talking about Prezi!

What is it?

Prezi is an online presentation platform that is a bold attempt to break away from slides.

How does it work?

First, you go through the usual registration process to create a Prezi account.  The free version should be sufficient for most uses, but there are two paid options that have some additional features.  The main thing I wish the free account would permit is the ability to make your presentations private – however, you must pay 39 Euros per year for that feature.  That’s an immediate drawback if you need to create presentations on confidential topics.

Learning Prezi is easy – there are a variety of introductions and tutorials available.  I would recommend watching these before diving right in.  Learning to present without slides is a new experience.  They also have a very extensive manual, so you can look for answers to your questions as you get started.

This presentation on Library 2.0 is a good example of how Prezi works.  Your presentations can be shared using email, Twitter, or Facebook, as well as embedded into your website or blog (except WordPress, of course).

I used Prezi to create a real presentation I have to give next week (I’m not linking to it because I have yet to give it!) and I enjoyed figuring out a creative way to organize my talk.  Some of the controls are a little frustrating and take some getting used to.  It would have helped if I’d actually looked at this Prezi Tips presentation first.  I think part of my problem is that I want more clear control – i.e. tool bars telling me how to make text bigger and so on.  You can have different text sizes, it’s simply a matter of zooming in or out to make them larger or smaller.  That’s too simple for me!

Possible Library Uses

We all have to give presentations or talks at some time or another, and sometimes (well, lots of times) powerpoint slides get boring.  Prezi is a nice alternative, but since the free account doesn’t allow privacy, you just want to take that into account depending on your topic.



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  1. A similar tool is – and the free version offers private presentations and some pretty hefty layout options that you normally only expereince from advanced layout tools like InDesign. 🙂

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