Talking Tech Friday – Electronic Signatures pt. 2

So, when we last left our Talking Tech Friday on creating electronic signatures, we had saved it to a transparent background, but determined that the quality was poor.

After doing all of that, I was wracking my brain on how to make it look less sketchy.  Aside from tracing over the whole signature with the pencil tool, I was at a loss.

However, I looked at the tutorial again and decided that I don’t really need a transparent background – went back to my original scan to crop the image.

MLooks just fine, doesn’t it?  I’m just going to save it as is.  Most of the time, when I need a signature, I can just paste the image into the document and adjust the size.  I think, transparent background or not, I’m going to have to get all fiddly with it anyway so that it looks okay.  No need to tear out my hair over it.

There’s a super quick wrap up to electronic signatures.  Back to normal Talking Tech programming next week!


~ by Anali on October 9, 2009.