Talking Tech Friday – Reqall

In my eternal quest to improve my productivity skills, I thought I’d review a new-to-me to-do manager – Reqall!

What is it?

Reqall is a personal reminder system.  You can add information online, Instant messaging, via voice-to-text (which is pretty cool), and a Firefox extension.  There are also downloadable free applications for both the iPhone and the Blackberry, which sync with your online account.  You can create lists by category, such as to-dos, shopping lists, or just notes, and also sort them by location, such as home and work.  Reqall also provide the ability to send reminders to others, either via email or adding it to their Reqall account, if they have one.  Finally, you can sync your Reqall account with your Outlook or Google Calendars.

How does it work?

To sign up, just go through the usual procedures: name, email, username and password.  That’s it.  There are a few settings to tweak – you can customize your time zone, add your phone number if you’d like to add items by voice, dictate how you’d prefer to receive notifications (email, IM, or text message), among other things.

Adding information online is easy and pretty basic.  A real strength, however, is the text-to-voice feature.  One of the thing I’ve been looking for is a mobile task-manager to sync with my online activities – Remember the Milk, which I’ve been using, only offers an iPhone application to subscribers.  Reqall’s iPhone application is free – I downloaded it and immediately made a voice note to myself: “Catch bus 72 at 4:45 at the Tempe Transit Center.”  It was transcribed perfectly, and synced online very quickly.

For regular phones, you can just call Reqall to leave a voice memo.  It recognizes key words, like “buy”, “meet,” “call” or “note” to add items to different categories automatically.  As another nifty feature, you can also check your t0-do list by calling Reqall – it’ll tell you what tasks you have coming up.

You can import contacts from your email addressbook to share reminders with others, and they can respond to your regular email address.  You can receive reminders and the daily to-do list in your email as well.

Reqall offers a few additional perks for their Pro Account users,  who pay $25 a year, but for most of us, the free account should suffice.

I’m going to use Reqall for a few weeks and post an updated opinion after giving it a full test drive.



~ by Anali on September 11, 2009.

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  1. I love Reqall! I realize that everyone has different criteria as to what makes a good productivity tool for them, but Reqall is exactly what I’ve been looking for. (I do have to admit, though, that I paid for the pro account in order to get the features I wanted.)

  2. […] tried out Reqall for a few weeks and decided it didn’t work for me, but I’m so glad I reviewed it […]

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