Talking Tech Friday – Dieting!

Diet and exercise sites have been on my mind quite a bit lately – for me, the start of a new school year is always a good time to adjust eating and exercise habits.  It seems to be similar for many of my acquaintances, as I know several people who are seriously working on weight loss or improving their health and fitness levels.

Considering how our country struggles with obesity, it’s probably no surprise that there are a huge number of social networking and diet tracking sites dedicated to weight loss.  I thought I’d give a brief overview of some of the ones that have crossed my radar.

Tweet What You Eat is a site that I’ve actually used. It serves as a food journal and allows you to keep a log of what you’re eating and totals up your calories for you.  It has an online component, as well as the ability to send food updates by direct messaging in Twitter (which means it doesn’t display in your Twitter stream).  If you’ve ever tried keeping a food diary, you’ll know the hardest part is remembering to keep it up – TWYE makes it easy since you can send messages from your phone.  Here’s a little video on how it works:

The Physics Diet is an online tool for those who are are following the Hacker’s Diet.  The theory behind this diet is that in order to lose weight, you just have burn more calories than you take in.  Like any good scientist, this means plotting your weight on a daily basis and making sure it’s on a downward trend.  If it goes up, you eat less.  This is a great tool for the data-oriented health conscious.

Foodsel is an online community that lets you look up nutrition and caloric information, as well as keep track of your own fitness. It has a BMI calculator, and a diary to track your weight, physical shape, mental shape, meals and sleeping pattern.  It includes a social networking aspect for those who like to find support as they track their goals.

FitDay is another diet and weight loss tracking tool and social network.  You can keep a food diary, keep track of your calories, and monitor your exercise, as well as get all sorts of nifty charts and graphs.  The weight tracker lets you set a target weight and will help you keep track of your progress toward that goal.  Like Foodsel, it has its own caloric content database, so you can look up how many calories are in your typical meals.  This is a pretty slick looking site.

NutritionData is another database and tracking tool that is chock full of useful information.  Without registering, you can search for caloric and nutritional information for lots of foods, including a special restaurant section.  They also have a very useful recipe analyzer where you can input a recipe and get the nutritional information.  I like this site, but there is a lot of advertising.

Traineo has many of the same features as the above, but what makes it stand out is a very clean and simple interface, as well as inviting specific people to motivate you to help you reach your goals. They have a friendly video overview of their features.

Daily Burn claims to be the fastest growing fitness site on the web.  It certainly looks very nice and has the added benefit of a corresponding iPhone application.  It has a nutritional database, tracking tools for exercise and diet and a community system. One thing that I haven’t seen on the other sites is the ability to participate in challenges to compete with other users.  You can also pick a pre-made workout program to follow.  Pretty interesting.

Finally, I just wanted to put in a plug for the 100 Pushup Challenge, which is a program to help you do 100 consecutive pushups in 6 weeks.  I’m struggling to do this, and you can track your progress at Pushups Logger.

Do you have any favorite diet or exercise sites? Any I missed?

~ by Anali on September 4, 2009.