New officers!

I’m happy to announce that we have new officers for this upcoming year of Tech Talk!

  • Vinny Alascia and Trace Gayheart will be our new co-chairs.
  • Roseline Christanelli will be the new Program Coordinator.

Thanks to these three for ensuring that Tech Talk will continue for another year!

Because our Maricopa County libraries are as short staffed and bugetarily uncertain, we’re also going to try out a new meeting schedule this year.  We’ll have presentations every other month, and host informal planning and discussion chat sessions on the months we don’t meet.  Hopefully, this will allow folks to continuing to participate in Tech Talk and lighten up the number of meetings to attend.

Our next meeting will be August 25th at Phoenix Public-Burton Barr Central Library, and our topic will be mobile technologies.  We’ll come up with a fancy title soon.  Hope to see you there!


~ by Anali on July 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “New officers!”

  1. Congratulations to Vinny, Trace and Roseline! I think the committee will be in great hands this year. I hope that this new meeting structure will be more effective for people to be able to attend meetings and be more hands on in working with the committee. I look forward to seeing the new changes.

  2. What time will the 8/25 meeting be at?

  3. 10:00 – noon.

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