Business meeting in July!

Just a reminder that we will be having our annual business meeting on July 28th, from 10-noon at the Carnegie Center auditorium!

Please attend with your meeting ideas, including roping, I mean asking, volunteers to present topics.

Also – we would like to elect/appoint new co-chairs and a program coordinator.  The primary responsibilites of the co-chairs include attending the Directors meeting of the Maricopy County Library Council (our parent group), and helping to coordinate programs.

The program coordinator is responsible for scheduling meeting topics and speakers, and arranging meeting spaces.

All officers (and indeed members) are welcome to post here at the blog, but I will continue with Talking Tech Fridays, whether I continue as co-chair or not.  I’d prefer not…so step up!

Hope to see you there!


~ by Anali on June 30, 2009.