Talking Tech Friday – Ideas!

I’m on vacation today, and am currently driving through the beautiful state of Utah.  No, I’m not blogging while driving, but I AM actually composing a post in advance! Yay me!

However, my time is short, so I will not review a web service today.  Instead, I’m going to beg and plead for ideas!  Do you have any resources you’d like me to review? Even if they’re old school web 2.0 sites, as long as I haven’t already done them, I’d be willing to do a review.

Or, if you’re looking for ideas, take a look at this website, which has a pretty large list of Web 2.0 applications.

Otherwise, I’d also like to hear your opinions about the column.  Do you like what I’ve been covering? Would you like to see me expand the coverage?  Are you bored and just click “Mark as read” in your reader every week?  Let me know in the comments!  I wanna see some action – blogs are best when they’re interactive, and this place has been like a ghost town. Is anyone out there?


~ by Anali on June 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Talking Tech Friday – Ideas!”

  1. Anali, I love your Friday tech reviews and I’m always amazed at what you find. I think you do a great job and I know it must be lonely to continue this with little or no feedback.

    If it’s not too personal I would love to hear a summary of the top sites you use daily and how you use them. I think of you as completely connected and it would be good for me to know what you find the most useful everyday for work but also for your personal life. For instance, have you completely dropped personal MySpace but love your Facebook page? Do you twitter for work, and if so do you read other library’s twitter tweets? If so why? Do you still love WoW and if so how much do you play each day? I suppose I’m looking for a reality check on what kind of applications are truly the most useful for one person, and why. It might be interesting to ask others too, but that might be another column.

    Just a thought, thanks for your hard work on this!

  2. I also love your column and have implemented many of the resources you’ve reviewed! I have an idea for a resource, but I don’t have the name or url of the website on me. I’ll be sure to check on it and get it to you!

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