Talking Tech Friday – Dropbox

I normally don’t cover anything that requires a download, but I’m going to make an exception for today’s very useful application – Dropbox!

What is it?

Dropbox is file storing, synchronizing, and sharing application that allows you to access your content anywhere, across any computer and platform.

How does it work?

You install the Dropbox client on any of the computers with which you’d like to share files.  The client is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, so if you work on a PC at the office and have a Mac at home, it’s a great way to store files that are accessible on both systems.

Once you install the client, it’s easy to just drag and drop the files you want to store into the Dropbox folder.  Any file you add is automatically synchronized and made available both online and across any of your other computers.  If you aren’t using your own computer, you can still access your files from the Dropbox website.  Dropbox also has an iPhone-compatible site, and hopes to support more mobile devices in the near future.

Dropbox saves backup versions of your files, so you can view previous drafts of a document, or restore a file you accidentally deleted.

You can invite people to share files with you on a shared folder.  Anyone you invite can add or edit files in that shared folder, but won’t have access to anything other than that folder.  It’s also easy to share items with others without having to register or use Dropbox, you can just create a link that you can email to your collaborators.

Free accounts have 2 gigabytes of storage.  That may not seem like much, but my entire “My Documents” folder on my work computer takes up only 238 megabytes, which means that Dropbox certainly offers plenty of storage.  However, if you need more than 2 gigs, there are options to pay for either 50 gigs or 100 gigs of space.

For more information, you can look at their tour or screencast.

Possible Library Uses

I think Dropbox is a very handy tool for those of us that may use multiple computers for work.  I use a PC at work, my bitty laptop, and a PC at home.  I also travel sometimes and want to ensure I have access to my files.  Being able to sync everything in one location without having to save it multiple times or email it or keep it on a USB drive is so much easier.



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