Talking Tech Friday – Common Craft

I admit, I’m phoning it in today.  Due to massive summer-induced procrastination, I’m behind on some deadlines for the job that pays my bills, so I need to concentrate on finishing up some projects and can’t spend much time on today’s Talking Tech Friday.  I beg for your forgiveness!

However, I will not leave your tech cravings unfulfilled – today I will point you to Common Craft.

Hopefully, most of you will have heard of Common Craft from their famous videos “RSS in Plain English” and “Social Networking in Plain English.”  If you haven’t though, I urge you to take a look.  Common Craft has a real gift for making simple, easy to understand explanations of concepts. The videos break down into a few larger categories:

  • Green
  • Money
  • Society
  • Technology

For Technology, I definitely recommend the Twitter video – I get so many questions about Twitter and why it is so popular, and this video is a great explanation for even the most ardent Twitter skeptic.  Most of the videos are in the technology section.

Under Society, they did a great explanation of the U.S. Presidential Election, but also have a very informative video on Zombies.

In Green, they talk about CFL lightbulbs vs. Regular Lightbulbs.

And in Money, they have a great video about Saving Money!

You can watch and link to Common Craft videos for free, both on their website or on YouTube.  However, they do have a Sharing Policy, and if you’d like to put a video on a commercial website or use it for education and training, you should contact them about purchasing a license.

Common Craft is a great example of how to explain concepts simply and clearly in a way that people can easily understand.  I think it’s a great resource for librarians!


~ by Anali on May 29, 2009.