Talking Tech Friday – Link Roundup

I have a widget on my Netvibes page where I collect possible Talking Tech Friday topics – if I come across a url or mention of a cool website, I just stick it on my widget.  However, sometimes after investigation, they’re not really suitable for a whole post even if they are cool.  So I thought I’d do a link roundup this week.

AlternativeTo – This is like a dating site for software – if you want to update or replace your old software, AlternativeTo suggests an open source alternative.  You can just browse the site by platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc),most viewed, most recent suggestions, or most liked, or you can search by software.  I looked for an alternative to iTunes, and found some suggestions for Songbird (which had 130 likes), as well as many other music sites.  There are brief descriptions and comments for each entry, and links directly to the suggested software.  The site itself is a community – you can register and join, suggest alternatives, make comments, etc.  I think it’s a great resource if you’re looking for, say, an alternative to Adobe Acrobat.  I also may just browse it for future Talking Tech columns!

Let me Google That for You: Basically just a fun, slightly snarky way to do a Google search.  You type in a search, and LMGTFY gives you a quick screen capture of typing in the box, clicking the button, and displaying the result.  I wouldn’t recommend it for real Reference work, snark definitely has an appropriate time and place.  Personally, I would totally use this to respond to obvious questions from family, friends, or coworkers who should know better.  For a demonstration, click here!

LibWorm: A library-blog RSS feed search engine and aggregator.  You can do specific searches across the library blogs that are included (over 1500 blog feeds), or browse by subject, category, or tags.  Your search will also generate an RSS feed, so it’s a great way to keep a pulse on what the biblioblogosphere has to say about any specific topic – by subscribing to that feed, you can keep updated on that topic.  Similarly, there are RSS feeds by subjects, category and tag, so if you have set up a new aggregator but need some blogs to subscribe to, this is a great way to get one giant feed for your area.

FileURLS: This site is a quick way to share large files on a temporary basis.  You just upload your file (the size limit is 250 MB), choose an expiration date (up to 7 days), and whether or not you’d like it to be password protected. FileURLS will then generate a URL you can send out to allow people to download the file.  This is a great way to share those ocassional large files for both work and play!

What are some of your favorite sites to share?


~ by Anali on May 1, 2009.