Talking Tech Friday – PictoBrowser

I’ve been gathering quite a list of fun things to write about, but now the problem is deciding which to do!  This week I settled on PictoBrowser.

What is it?

PictoBrowser is a service that creates elegant slideshows from Flickr accounts.  Flickr does offer slideshow widgets, but PictoBrowser offers a few more options for customization that can give your website or blog that little extra je ne sais quoi.

How does it work?

It’s extraordinarily simple: visit the PictoBrowser site, enter in your Flicrk username (no password), and then select which set, tags, or group in your photostream that you would like to include in the slideshow.  Finally, you can customize the size (both height and width), the image file size, and whether to display titles, links, and notes.  Thumbnails are also optional, and you can change the background color.

Here are some samples that demonstrate the different options.

Really, that’s all there is to it – I love simple services!

One downside – WordPress does not play nicely and allow me to embed the slideshow.  There is a plug-in available for those that have access to their own WordPress installation, but I am too lazy to do that.  However, I did compare the PictoBrowser slideshow and the Flickr Slideshow on my own blog over at Blogger if you’d like to see the two side by side.

Possible Library Uses

This is a great tool for your library website or blog to display photosets in a nice, professional sort of way.  I think it’s pretty impressive.

What are your thoughts?



~ by Anali on April 3, 2009.