Talking Tech Friday – Sort of

Today’s post is a bit of a cop-out.  I was going to review Sproutbuilder, but when I was searching out reviews of the service, I learned that it would no longer be a free service after the end of this month.

I’d meant to blog about the Book Cover Archive so I will – even though it’s not really a service exactly.  It’s just a pretty cool site.

What is it?

The Book Cover archive was established “for the appreciation and categorization of excellence in book cover design.”  It’s a very attractive website, with a nice, sortable display of book covers on the main page.  Clicking on any book will bring up bibliographic information about that title.  You can also browse by categories such as Title, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Genres, etc., or search by keyword.

Each individual book entry allows comments.  Additionally, selecting any name in the individual entry will show all other entries in the archive – for example, if you really liked the cover of Abraham Lincoln designed by Pete Gerceau, you can see what other covers he has designed that are in the archive. (The page for Chip Kidd is interesting in that he is featured as an author, an art director, a designer, a photographer, and an illustrator.)

They also have a blog that talks about news in book cover design, designers, etc.  Additional features on the site are links to book designer portfolios, websites on book cover design, and some recommended books.

Possible Library Uses

Two things come to mind – one, it’s a great resource. Two, it’s really great example of an interesting, attractive, and intuitive interface for finding information about books. Plus, it’s a nice reminder that while there may be more to a book than its cover, the cover can be a work of art in itself.


Next week I’ll post a proper Talking Tech column! And don’t forget the next Tech Talk meeting on Tuesday at the Tempe Public Library TLC Conference Room!


~ by Anali on January 23, 2009.