Talking Tech Friday – 2008 Retrospective

In the spirit of the end of the year, I thought I’d do a Talking Tech Retrospective for 2008.  This is a collection of services and applications I’ve reviewed in the past year that I still use!

In January, I reviewed Backpack, an online organizer that I’d used in the past.  I do still us it, but not as often as I once did.  I find that using Google Docs or Zoho Writer works just as well for me for planning presentations, and my recent switch to Netvibes and Remember the Milk has taken care of my productivity needs.

One of my surprise interests is Twitter, reviewed in February.  I love using Twitter!  I suppose the use of it is hard to explain, but I combine Twitter with to update my social network statuses, and it is a lot of fun to stay in touch with quick updates.  I’m Twitter buddies with several of my coworkers, and it’s been interesting to see what they will tweet throughout the day.  If nothing else, it has helped to foster closer relationships with my colleagues.

So I don’t use Animoto a lot, but I have used it more than once, and think it’s a lot of fun.  Perfect for making those holiday slideshows!

As mentioned above, I love the Zoho suite of services, which I reviewed in May – composing this post using Zoho right now!

Another May discovery was Picnik, which has become one of my absolute favorite applications!  I love how simple and fun it is!

I still use Friendfeed to help collect and share information with people.  My Friendfeed lets my friends know when I post at both the blogs I write, when I tweet, when I post pictures to Flickr, etc.  It’s nice to have all that information in one place!  I probably don’t use it to the extent of others, but it serves my purposes nicely.

In September, I reviewed Evernote, which I have found to be a useful place to store bookmarks, notes, etc.  It’s now the repository of all my book lists, recipes (VERY handy!), bookmarks (synched with, and others.  I’ve embedded it in my Netvibes page for easy access.  Even though I don’t have a Pocket PC any more, I still think it’s mobile compatability is cool.

Also in September I was introduced to Slideshare, which again is one of my favorite discoveries!  You’ve no doubt noticed that I now embed all the TechTalk slides in Slideshare, and I’ve also been using it for my own presentations.  This was a great find!

As I mentioned above, I recently switched over to using Netvibes, along with Remember the Milk, to help manage my productivity.  It was useful to review several different services in November to help me consider my options and find a solution that fit my needs.

Finally, my most recent review of fd’s Flickr Toys – I know it’s only been a week, but I foresee much future use of these tools!

So, those are my top picks in a year of Talking Tech Fridays! Let’s hear your favorites in the comments!

I am on holiday the next two weeks, but Talking Tech Friday will resume on January 9th.  I hope you find the columns useful, and here’s to another year of Talking Tech!

Happy Holidays!


~ by Anali on December 19, 2008.

2 Responses to “Talking Tech Friday – 2008 Retrospective”

  1. I use Twitter and Friendfeed very heavily. I can get a great deal of scoops with Friendfeed, but I make more connections with Twitter. I can find more people in similar situations and ask and provide help.

    I would probably fall in my face without Remember the Milk. It keeps me sane.

    I really like Slideshare for presentations. I’ve used it a great deal this year to provide database tutorials and to host my MPLA presentations this past Spring.

    Thanks for providing these reviews. I don’t use or need all of them, but more often than not I will try the service because you reviewed it. I may not need it, but I can see the huge potential. (I used Jott heavily for a bit too.)

  2. Well, we use Zoho here in Peoria for our Staff wiki and I’ve found it helpful for storing shared information like Meeting Minutes within the docs section. I definitely prefer Zoho to Google in how easy it is to edit and print documents.

    I also found the avatar reviews back in November to be a lot fun, just not in the productive realm of things. HeroMachine in particular sucked up several hours for me and I’m trying to get our Teen or Tween staff to do an avatar program for the kids.

    I would love to say that I’m using even more of the tools, but sadly I’m still kind of a write it down in my planner/notepad kind of girl. However, I do recommend a lot of the sites to members of the public when I can see the need arise, Zamzar in particular comes in handy.

    So keep the reviews coming, they really do help. My Web 2.0 bookmarks for the public are mostly compiled from Talking Tech Friday posts!

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