October’s Tech Talk meeting: Digital Repositories!

Here’s an outline of last week’s meeting!

Richard Prouty

Arizona Memory Project: http://azmemory.lib.az.us/

  • Started 3 years ago
  • To help non-profits mount digital collections from around the state
  • A partnership – still have their identity intact – not just the state library
  • Each collection has their own page- they can put watermarks & rights management
  • Have 40 collections
    • Can zoom in on images, navigate around
    • Have metadata standards, required for the collections. Require 11 of 31 fields
    • Text searchable in fields
    • Powered by ContentDM
  • Encourage contributors to tell a story about the objects
  • Can find object through outside search engines (google)
  • The Bead Museum Collection Highlights
  • Senator Barry M. Goldwater: an Arizona Legend – good story
  • Have oral histories: can support audio, video, text, images
  • Browse topic: pre-defined fields
  • Can bookmark objects in my favorites, save based on IP address
  • Includes The Medallion Papers
  • Partners submit application of project (some description of the project, etc)
    • Richard installs ContentDM on their computers
    • Train them on metadata practices
    • AZ State Library reviews metadata before publishing project
    • Individual projects are uploaded to holding queue for approval
    • Partners can still edit collection after it’s been published, add to it, delete it, etc.
    • Easy global editing
  • Subscribe to a collection for updates (RSS feeds)
  • Have a standard of 300 dpi for images.
  • Require 25 objects to make a collection
  • Teacher resources/lesson plans
  • Have an iGoogle gadget (not yet public) – email Michele (azmemory@lib.az.us) for code

Mimmo Bonanni
ASU Libraries Knowledge Net

Thanks to Richard and Mimmo for their great presentations!


~ by Anali on November 4, 2008.