Talking Tech Friday – Tech Therapy

So, maybe this is a bit of a cop-out, but I listened to this Tech Therapy podcast from the Chronicle of Higher Education concerning an issue that has come up quite a bit in our Tech Talk meetings: the relationship between librarians and IT professionals.

Tech Therapy is a bi-weekly podcast by Scott Carlson, a Chronicle reporter, and Warren Arbogast, a technology consultant, that talks about the headaches, anxieties, and general problems that people have with technology on a college campus.

After listening to this podcast, I decided that I would really recommend that you take the 13 minutes to listen, rather than spend 13 minutes reading my blather about websites.  I think they did a really good job getting information from both sides, and addressing many of the factors involved, including gender (librarians being primarily female, IT professionals primarily male), rapidly changing professions, and a shared focus on information.

A regular Tech Talk column will return next Friday – as soon as I pick a new topic!


~ by Anali on October 17, 2008.