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Yesterday’s Tech Talk meeting was very informative.  We had a nice group of people, and quite a bit of group participation and discussion.  Trace talked about Burton Barr’s computer and technology training classes for their patrons, some of their challenges, and some ideas for improvement.  Cathy and Stephanie followed up with an overview of Peoria Public Library’s classes – including some advanced Web 2.0 classes, digital photography, and some upcoming classes on resume composition, career changes, and job hunting.

David from the Phoenix Palo Verde branch talked a little about what they cover in their Spanish Language only classes.  Then we had a group discussion to compare nearly all the libraries respresented.  All in all, very fun!

Here are some links and such to some of the topics – I am waiting for some slides and handouts from people, so I will update this post with links later this week.

Peoria’s Computer Class Handouts:

Other Library Training Schedules and Resources

If your library offers Computer and Technology Training classes, please let us know in the comments!  We’d also love to see links to any other resources that you recommend for teaching (e.g. Mousing exercises, tutorials, etc.)!

Update: Here is Trace’s Powerpoint:

And Phoenix Burton Barr’s Handouts:

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