Talking Tech Friday – AllMyFaves

I’m branching out a little for this week’s post – I’m reviewing the website AllMyFaves

What is it?

AllMyFaves wants to direct you to the “best of the web.”  It’s just a website that lists other websites and services in a variety of categories, such as Shopping, Travel, and Email.  From their About page: “We have searched the web and provided you with a visual directory that includes the best sites in each category!”

How does it work?

Unlike most of the services I’ve reviewed here, AllMyFaves currently doesn’t require you to register or log in – it’s just a visual directory of services – though they say a customizable version is in development, so I’d expect that to change in the future.

I think it’s really a nice idea – if you’re not as plugged into the internet as some of us, you might not have heard of the best travel websites, or maybe you want to try a chat service and haven’t heard of Meebo.  AllMyFaves gives a nice place to start, along with the serendipty factor of discovering other sites that are similar to ones you already know.  For example, I love Epicurious for recipes, and AllMyFaves lists them along with several other recipe sites like Eat, Drink or Die – a site I’ve never visted.

AllMyFaves also groups some more popular categories in tabs for greater detail – there’s a page for Kids, Entertainment, Shopping (with many subcategories),and Travel.  Additionally, AllMyFaves has a Weekly Faves feature, which spotlights new favorite sites every Monday.  An interesting and appropriate site this week is Stormpulse – a site for tracking hurricanes.  Fascinating!  The AllMyFaves Blog gives a brief description or post to discuss the Weekly Faves, as well as any other sites the authors come across.

Possible Library Uses

I think this is a great reference source!  Face it, we all have our regular websites and services we visit, but we might need some help going outside of our norm.  I’d have no idea what sites are best for kids, for example, so the AllMyFaves Kids page would be very useful for me when talking to a parent at the Reference Desk.

Have any of you used AllMyFaves?  Any other possible uses?



~ by Anali on September 12, 2008.

One Response to “Talking Tech Friday – AllMyFaves”

  1. Dear Anali,

    My name is Shachar and I am AllMyFaves’ Co-Founder. Thank you for the great blog review, it truly was a delightful reading!

    AllMyFaves is an innovative website targeted at all users; we try to provide our users with a simple and accessible UI. Indeed, as you suggested, AllMyFaves can be used as a great source of reference, as the site’s main audience consists of visitors who are looking for new interesting sites and a place that directs them to their daily faves. AllMyFaves’ underlining concept lies in our understanding that the future of the internet is a visual one.

    We strive to be as selective as possible so that visitors can enjoy quality sites: we carefully handpick the sites to be featured on AllMyFaves by adhering to our strict selection criteria: usefulness, friendliness, technology, design, unobtrusiveness and popularity.

    Thanks again for the great review, I truly appreciate it. Hopefully it will inspire more people to visit the site and explore the best of what the web has to offer.

    If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us – we’d love to get your feedback.


    Shachar Pessis, AllMyFaves Co-Founder

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