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Ah, September.  That time of the year when the mornings and evenings start to have that certain hint of coolness (only a hint, but I’m desperately grasping at anything), when the monsoons start to wind down, our gardens are growing up (thanks to the monsoons), and everyone goes back to shool.  I know we in Arizona have been in school a few weeks already, but still…you know what I mean.  In honor of back to school, I thought I’d review Evernote!

What is it?

Evernote aspires to be your life organizer.  From their about page: “Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.”  It has a web client, a mobile client (for iPhone and Windows Mobile), as well as a downloadable desktop client.  Evernote synchronizes across all clients.  Hmmm…I like it already!

How does it work?

Register with the usual…I should come up with categories for information required for signing up for things.  Brief means just username, password, email.  Moderate, such as Evernote, wants your name as well.  Nosy means they want to know where you live, your phone number, names of your children, and anything else they can’t possibly need.  I will reference this in future Talking Tech Friday posts.

After receiving your confirmation email to ensure you’re a real person, you can set up your account.  You can store information in Evernote a variety of ways: type notes directly, send by email, clip web pages, or portions of them, upload pictures or scanned documents, or even record audio clips.

To just type in a note, click “New” and you are given a WYSIWYG editor, much like a blog post.  You title it, and can give it tags. Type in your note and click “Save”.  Similarly, you can add notes from your email by sending it to a  special Evernote email address.  For both email and web notes, you can also add attachments.

You can have a web browser bookmarklet to make it easy to save web pages, or parts of web pages to Evernote.  If you clip just a part, Evernote saves the url of the source web page as part of the clip attributes – a feature I find very useful.

You can organize items by having different Notebooks – I created one for work and politics (because I’m obsessing just a little bit), leaving the default notebook for personal stuff.

Under “Settings”, I learned that you can import your bookmarks into Evernote – VERY handy!  Being able to immediately include my 266 bookmarks is huge!

It also lets me test out the searching function.  It searches the full-text of the clip, but not the full-text of the webpage – that’s only to be expected.

The free version of Evernote allows a monthly upload allowance of 40 MB – adding my 266  bookmarks bumped me up to 230 kb, so I think I’m good for a while.  You can upgrade to a $5/month plan, which gives 500 MB storage plus other features, but I think the current amount is probably fine for most people.

In this initial testing, I like what I see, but I think that only time and use will tell how truly useful Evernote is.  I’ll post an update about this in a few months.

Possible Library Uses

I think Evernote is a great personal organizational tool.  We all have so many things to read and do, that having one place that’s accessible online, on the phone, and on the computer is a fantastic idea.  It’s also a great tool to recommend to the frazzled students coming into the library who need a little help keeping track of all their school stuff!



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