Talking Tech Friday – Flauntr

I’m really learning that these photo editor services are a lot of fun.  This week, I’m reviewing Flauntr!

What is it?

As I mentioned, Flauntr is a photo editing service.  It’s actually a suite of services:

  • Stylr: allows you to create design templates for e-cards, invitations, scrapbooking tools, frames, and other fun effects.
  • editr: the main photo editing toolkit – you can crop, resize, rotate, image boosting, red-eye removal, and color tools.
  • Textr: adds word bubbles or other text to images, as well as fun graphics, such as balloons or sunglasses.
  • Profilr: provides an increasingly useful service – you can custom-crop an image for your profile picture for a variety of social networking sites, including YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  • Mobilr: crop, resize, edit images to create custom wallpapers for your phone
  • Picasr: lets you choose colors for any image on the web and color match it to your own images.

How does it work?

Register with an email, user name and password.  Then decide what you’d like to do, and upload a photo.  You can upload from your computer, or pull images from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa, or a variety of other places.  You can save that photo to your Flauntr account for future use.

The interface is flashy, sleek, and pretty user friendly.  There are options along the top and the right – the top lets you navigate between the different services, as well as save, import, export, undo, redo, etc.  The right toolbar has the particular tools you use.

My first experiment was taking our MCLC TechTalk logo, which I’d had to resize when I re-did the blog template.   Resizing here is easy, you can click and drag, or you can specify pixel dimensions.  I also played around with a few other effects, using the Editr:

Once you’ve saved an image (which saves it in Flauntr), you can download it to your computer, or share it in a variety of ways: email, automatically post it to different sites (MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Bebo, and others), or just pull up the straight HTML code for posting, such as I did here.

Here’s another image that I played around with:

If you apply some effect that you find you don’t like, go to “History” at the top to undo effects.

I did have a few problems with Flauntr: it responds a little slow sometimes, especially when switching between the different suite options.  Also, I couldn’t figure out how to change the text on the magazine covers, or customize exactly HOW I wanted the frames to fit in Stylr.  I found that I wanted more flexibility in that area – if I wanted to make a customized poster, for example, I’d want to have a little more control.

Possible Library Uses

I think this could be a great marketing tool – it’d be fun to use to create posters, flyers and such for the library.  However, like I mentioned above, I’d like a little more control over some of the features.  The Stylr toolkit was especially tricky, either I couldn’t figure it out, or it just doesn’t have some of the flexibility I was expecting.  However, many of the other toolkits were fun and intuitive.



~ by Anali on August 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi Anali, This looks like a great tool. I actually think you look very natural on the cover of Elle.

    Good job!

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