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Active Tech Talker Rick Glady sent a blurb about Scottsdale Public Library’s gaming program to The Shifted Librarian, which was posted on Friday!  Rick’s done a terrific job bringing in his own systems to get the gaming program off the ground (not to mention sharing the Wii with Tech Talk!), and it’s great to see him around in the library blogosphere!


~ by Anali on July 21, 2008.

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  1. I am an administrator in a public high school (BentonHS) in St. Joseph, MO. We have been given a great gift of changing our library (fully funded) to a space where students can explore and grow with technology and Web 2.0 skills. I need help — what does my library need? I have two weeks to place an order. There are very few limitations to my gift — and the focus is on utilization of space and a kid-centric environment. Can you help? I look forward to sharing in your collective wisdom. Many thanks to all/any who can help. ~jw

  2. Hi Jeannette! Thanks for reading! I’m passing your comment along to the Tech Talk community to see if anyone can offer some suggestions.

  3. Jeanette,
    I’ll offer a couple of websites where you might find some good contacts/advice:
    This is a site that offers technology resources and advice for libraries, and the link will take you to their discussion boards:
    The following is your State Library website. I don’t know the focus of your State Library, but in Arizona the State Library works actively with the schools, and last year created a school library database (I worked on the project).
    Good luck!

  4. Hi, I’m trying to track down Dereth DeHaan, an old friend. Pls email Maureen Lynch @

    Thanks, Maureen

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