Busy few weeks

Well, I’ve returned from vacation relaxed and refreshed – only to find my Bloglines overflowing with unread posts, ALA synopses a-plenty, and crickets chirping here on the TechTalk blog.  What’s to be done?

  • Re: Bloglines– mark all read.  Well, most of them.  But really, it’s okay.  I’ll still hear about anything that’s really important through other channels.
  • ALA: being out of the country, I’ve been completely out of the loop.  Fortunately, a Technorati search for ALA2008 brings up plenty of summaries, just waiting for me to pick and choose: LITA Top Tech Trends (in the hopes of finding more Talking Tech topics), the always-interesting David Lee King, the ALA Games & Gaming Interest Group meeting, Privacy Revolution Panel, etc.  If you were there, I’d love to hear some of your thoughts in the comments, or link to posts you think are interesting.
  • Crickets chirping: I think that I need to take this blog a little more seriously, and to schedule guest bloggers for when I’ll be away.  It’s clear that I’m the main contributer to the blog – for better or for worse, I seem to have the most time on my hands for blogging.  Maybe this should be a topic of discussion at our business meeting on the 22nd?

Talking Tech Friday will return this week, I promise.


~ by Anali on July 9, 2008.