Talking Tech Friday on vacation

I apologize for no column today – I’m leaving on vacation to Ireland (!) on Monday, and have just been preparing for a long absence from work.

I belatedly thought that I should probably have lined up some guest columnists, or if I’d been more organized, I could have written up posts in advance, but I did not do any of these things. I have no excuse. I hang my head in shame. I won’t let it spoil my vacation, though.

So, I’m afraid it’ll be pretty quiet around here for the next few weeks – unless some of my fellow bloggers decide to pipe up! 🙂

I won’t be back until July 3rd, so I will probably post a review of Xtimeline on the 4th. After that, I’m afraid, I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel of topic ideas. Please please PLEASE send me any suggestions – even if it’s something really basic. Should I review Google Reader? Bloglines? Netvibes? Mozilla Firefox? What do you guys want to see? Do you have any favorite tools you want to expose to the world?

Send via email ( or post in the comments! I really need your help!


~ by Anali on June 13, 2008.

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  1. Have a great time in Ireland…just returned and I didn’t want to come back. Enjoy and bring fotos to share, please!

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