Talking Tech Friday – Smorgasbord

I thought I’d try something a little different this week and offer a little collection of useful sites I’ve come across that for various reasons aren’t worth an entire Talking Tech Friday column alone but that I still think are worth mentioning.

  • Super Screenshot – this website allows you to enter in a URL, and they will take a screenshot for you.  You can customize the size and file type (jpg or png) and then save it to your computer or use it in blog posts and other online venues, like this: .
  • Down For Everyone or Just Me: put in a url and this service will let you know if a website is down for everyone, or just you.
  • MyPictr – allows you to upload and resize pictures online. You upload a picture, specify a size or service, crop the picture if necessary, and then download it or email it to yourself.  This is perfect for creating profile pictures for social networking sites or library “Who’s Who” pages.  For a list of other online photography tools, check out this Mashable page.
  • 10 Minute Mail – lets you set up a temporary email address for 10 minutes.  Emails sent to that address appear on the website, and you can reply or click on any of the contents.  This is useful for quick registrations for services you know you probably won’t use again.
  • Zamzar lets you convert file formats without downloading software.  For example, you can upload or link to a PDF document and have Zamzar convert it to a .doc file.  Here’s a list of conversions that are available.  Zamzar will email the converted file to you, or you can register for Zamzar and manage and store files online.
  • Internet Frog will test your internet connection speed, breaking it down by download and upload speed on an informative graph.  My current download speed is 4.32 mbps while my upload speed is 7.52 mbps, which is closer to what you’d expect for a university’s T2 network.  Yum.  Now I want to try this at home!  Another site is
  • is a database of file extensions.  If someone sends you an unknown file, pop in here and do a quick search to identify what program was used to generate the file.  They also offer a button for your Google Toolbar and a Firefox search box to make it easier to identify a file type.  If you’re just curious, you can browse the database alphabetically as well.
  • In these days of budget cuts, may be useful for troubleshooting ailing printers.  You can look up guides, error codes, publications, drivers, parts replacement or repair kits, as well as access to forums for users to commiserate and offer possible solutions for printer problems.
  • allows you to send large files (up to 100MB for free).  You send an email to recipients, who are notifies where to go to download a file.  They have up to 7 days to pick it up.  You can ask to be notified when your recipients pick up the file as well.  YouSendIt has different pricing options for larger files and business users, but the free service is still pretty useful.  Omnidrive is another such site, but they allow up to 1 GB for free.
  • Free Password Generator lets you define password conditions (number and type of characters, etc) and it will generate a unique, strong password.
  • What is my IP address will let you know your ip address and location – in case you ever get lost on the information superhighway!
  • I have to plug Digsby, which is my favorite new toy. It’s a social aggregator that lets you combine email, twitter, social networks (MySpace and Facebook), and IM services into one great little application.

Anyone else have any tools they’d like to share?


~ by Anali on June 6, 2008.

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