Talking Tech Friday – Omnisio

This week’s topic is Ominisio!

What is it?

Ominisio provides two services: the first is a video mash-up tool. You can take different video clips from sites such as YouTube, Google Video, and Blip.TV and create your own version, or upload your own video creations.

Omnisio also lets you create slideshows or presentations that synchronize video clips alongside a PDF or powerpoint presentation.

How does it work?

You can create videos without registering (yay!), but once they’re created you can’t go back and edit them. If you do register, you can make changes, set privacy controls, and create your own channel to host your videos. Creating an account is probably the way to go if you intend to create videos or presentations regularly.

To make a video mashup, just enter the URLs of the videos you’d like to clip. Omnisio stores them in a sandbox of sorts at the bottom in the order in which you add them. Then you play through the videos and select the part you want to clip by moving the sliders at the bottom. It takes a little experimentation to figure out how it works, but it is pretty intuitive.

After you’ve gone through your clips, you click on “Publish” to add a title, description, and tags.

There are a lot of posting options, so you can post directly to most social networking or blogging sites. A post of the video I created will follow this post. As usual, I can’t seem to embed anything in WordPress, and the separate post failed. Here’s a link to the video I created featuring some library book cart drill teams!

The source videos are listed at the bottom of the player page, so you can always see the full videos.

Viewers can add comments directly on the video in little speech bubbles (this feature can be disabled if you don’t want to allow comments – and according the FAQ, they plan to let you specify who can comment on your videos soon.

For presentations, you choose videos the same way as the mashup, then upload your slides or import them from Slideshare. I didn’t create a presentation, but I’m posting an example of one – Jeff Bezos talking about Animoto (a TTF topic from last month!).

Possible Library Uses

I can really see this as both a fun marketing tool (bookcart Drill Teams!) and a programming idea. I would advise that libraries do set up an account so that they can control permissions and commenting, and creating an account is simple without requiring a ton of information.



~ by Anali on May 16, 2008.