Computers in Libraries

The 23rd annual Computers in Libraries conference was this week – alas, I didn’t go.  (You might ask if I ever go to the fun conferences.  That would be a good question.)  However, thanks to bloggers, Technorati, and an inordinate amount of procrastination at work (I mean, professional development), I can read all about it – almost like I was really there!

Searching Technorati for the tag “cil2008” will lead you to the conference blogosphere, there’s a conference wiki where many presenters will be posting their slides and presentations, and a twitter feed.

Some of the buzz I’ve read:

It’s becoming more and more easy to follow conferences and really get into it!  This would be a great conference for Tech Talkers to think about attending in the future.  Maybe we should think up a panel for next year…


~ by Anali on April 10, 2008.