Talking Tech Friday – Jott

This week’s column is on a type of web application I haven’t ever tried before, so this will truly be an exploration!  I learned about Jott from one of my favorite blogs, Lifehacker.

What is it?

Jott is a voice-to-text service.  You call a phone number, leave a message, and Jott will transcribe your voice and send you an email or text message of the text.

How does it work?

To sign up, you enter your first and last name, email address, and create a password.  Then you have to wait for the confirmation sent to your email address before you can activate your account.

Once you’ve activated your account,  you enter your phone number (Jott says that your number will neve be shared or marketed in any way).  Then you call a toll-free number to verify your phone.  A friendly voice will tell you your phone has been validated, and will ask you to make your first test jott.  Afterwards, your username for Jott will be your phone number.

One you’ve logged in, Jott has several features – you can send notes to yourself via email or text, send notes to a single person or a preset group of people (that you add through Jott) , you can set up a reminder,  and keep lists.  All of these things can be managed from your Jott page.  You can create different lists for types of jotts, add contacts (either online or via text message), of send messages to links (for example, I could add twitter and send updates to my twitter account via Jott).  You also set your options to receive your jotts by email or text message.  Now we’re ready to Jott!

For each jott, you call the number: (866) 568-8123.  Jott answers with the question of who you want to jott.  You specify whether you’re sending a jott to yourself, others, a weblink, or a reminder.  Then you speak after the beep.  Each jott can be up to 30 seconds.

Here’s the transcription of my first test jott: “Hello world. This is testing Jott for the NCOC talk.As you can see, you do need to speak clearly and slowly, and it is better to spell certain words.  I think it probably takes a little practice for more accurate jotts.

My next test was sending a jott to my twitter account.  I said “twitter” when it asked me who I wanted to jott. “Trying out Jott. I’m sending a message to my Twitter account. (yeah, I’m not very creative)

My final test will be sending a blog message to wordpress – that should be interesting.

You can also manage jotts on the jott webpage, as well as send jotts by email or text message.  All jotts are kept in your jott account, so you could probably use them

Possible Library Uses 

I think the primary use for jott is being able to send text updates and messages when you’re away from the computer.  For example, you can send an update to a Google Calendar via Jott.  While I can’t think of a specific library service, I can definitely see many uses for library staff, both for personal and professional reasons.


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