Needed: your opinions on these suggested topics for our upcoming meetings

If you missed the Tech Talk January meeting, you missed a fun discussion. It generated many wonderful ideas for topics for our meetings this coming year and a few general suggestions about the format of the meetings and what our purpose is. Here they are (in hopes that you’ll comment on what you’d like to see us present).

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We are truly hoping to build a program that is useful to Valley library staff. 

 Here are the topics ideas that were suggested (in no particular order):

  1. ImagineOn
  2. 21st Century Learning grant
  3. Hip Hop DJ  workshop
  4. Introduction to Web 2.0
  5. Using twitter to write a collaborative story with the teens at your library 
  6.  Alternate Reality Games (creating a game for patrons to play)
  7.  Repeat all of last year’s introductory programs
  8.  Ammunition for starting projects; working around and with the political “Culture of No” in your organization; What are the political issues for cities in offering blogs wikis, wifi, rss, podcasts; How do you market these technologies to library administration?; Technology planning– how do you do it in an environment when technologies are changing so rapidly?
  9. Using Wii for games with adults at your library
  10.   Video downloads
  11.   Wireless: its popularity and connectivity  
  12.    Training on Dreamweaver (web development software)
  13.   Instructional technology including snap it and camtasia for screencasting
  14.   Content management system training for staff
  15.   Emerging Technology and it’s applicability to libraries (showing these technologies actually in action, in the wild so to speak) 
  16.   Technology for Teens and college students
  17.   Google Apps like Google Sketch up and online power point style software, audacity)
  18.   RSS feeds 
  19.   Photo Bucket or Flickr which is better
  20.   Ebook readers like Kindle
  21.   Teen programming and working with teens and technologies; staying ahead of the teens at your library; teen tech week;
  22.   Best practices for talking to IT staff (what are some tips that can help you communicate better with your library’s IT staff?)
  23.    Where do you go to learn about IT?
  24.    Evance (online tutoring product)
  25.   Online Brain Fuse
  26.   Programming plasma screens to display news and event info in branch libraries
  27.   Why would anyone want to use these new technologies when I’m still happy with my listservs? These buzzwords all run together and we don’t know what they do. It’s important to have basic training at a beginner level for these technologies but that should come from our own libraries or the state library. An Emerging Technology group like Tech Talk shouldn’t waste its time providing training on basic things; Tech Talk should be out there looking ahead at the future of technologies and not bogged down by getting the rest of us up to speed. 

General suggestion:  Have more structure to the meetings, including:

 1. A time when everyone shares what they are working on now in their library

2. The main topic for that meeting

3.  Wild ideas or new trends for technologies that we are watching.

General suggestion: It’s better to watch a demonstration of a new technology than have a hands on training session. That way you can show more advanced features and show how they are being used in libraries.

Please share your ideas with us, it helps to make programs that are on target for our needs. Thanks in advance!

Mary Mitchell

Phoenix Public Library


~ by Mary (from Phoenix Public) on January 31, 2008.