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Well, I’m sufficiently caught up with things after the holiday to begin to blog once more.  I’m looking forward to more blogging in 2008, and resolve to be better about posting here.  I guess that the more you blog, the more you WANT to blog, so may the blogging be with you all…or something.

Anyway, from the Librarian in Black, I just wanted to point out this collection of How-To sites, which is a useful resource to anyone who wants to learn how to do something.  Considering one of my resolutions this year is learning how to make excellent pancakes, I will be searching through this list for tips!

Talking Tech Friday will resume on Friday, where I will be reviewing Backpackit – you’ve all seen me in action with it for most of my Tech Talk presentations, but I think it’ll be nice to go over the features and such with you.  However, I’m starting to struggle a bit to think of services to review.  While I’m sure I’ll manage for a while yet, I would REALLY love to get some suggestions of services (or types of services) you’d like me to try out and review for you.  Seriously, I’ll do anything, no matter how basic.  Let’s see some comments here!


~ by Anali on January 9, 2008.

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  1. Hey Anali,

    Loving your Friday blogs!

    Could you review – it is a social music site that develops radio playlist based on your music taste and allows you to connect with like minded music lovers. I have visited it a little bit and will probably delve into it one of these weekends. I think it is a great FREE tool for people to use to hear music they like and may have never heard before.

  2. Hi Anali, I would love to see one of your great reviews on Ning, a private social networking site I’m trying to figure out. I’ll ask around and see if others can come up with some other topics for your Friday reviews. They are so full of great info! Thanks a million!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll add them to my list! Any more?

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